Our Roots




Can a bottle of cold brew really impact a community? At Red Thread Coffee Co., we believe it can.

Our Red Thread journey began more than 20 years ago with co-founder Lynda Sylvester traveling through India and Africa, visiting rural villages in search of an authentic experience - a chance to make a connection with other cultures and communities.

As she sampled local delicacies, she discovered the best-tasting coffee in the world. And to her surprise, it was brewed without heat or even a coffee pot. All you needed was patience.

Returning home, she set out to replicate that extraordinary coffee by making cold brew in the back room of her general store in Sag Harbor, New York. As word of the coffee’s exceptional taste and quality spread, the coffee bar in Lynda’s store became a community hub, connecting friends, neighbors and visitors - creating a large base of devoted cold brew fans.

That’s how Lynda met her future co-founders, regular patrons Vivian Polak and Michelle Francis. The three connected over cold brew and a shared desire to give back to their community in a unique and sustainable way. They decided to create a company with the goal of connecting cold brew drinkers to people in need in their own communities, and they named it after the Far Eastern legend that says when we are born, the gods connect each of us by an invisible red thread to everyone we are destined to help in our lifetimes.

Encouraged by the runaway success of this handcrafted cold brew, the three friends decided to move it out of the back room and into a bottle, ready to be shared on the streets of New York City, and beyond. And they made a promise: 2 cents from every bottle sold would go to a local charity that fights hunger.

At Red Thread Coffee Co., we believe in balancing our business with our conscience, which allows us to serve up only the best organic, Fair Trade cold brew (good for our planet, our growers and our customers) and to further our goal of connecting our customers to their communities and people in need--helping to change the world one bottle of cold brew at a time.

It’s hard work making cold brew with a point of view, but it’s worth the effort. After all, if you don’t put in your 2 cents, how can you make change?