Connect Your Red Thread!



Our original founder ran a boutique furniture shop and sold homemade cold brew coffee to her local customers. After much word of mouth and positive feedback, a coffee enthusiast walked into the store to investigate the popular drink and give guidance to the promising delicious cold brew. The idea of giving her customers a refreshing caffeinated cold brew coffee was first just a way of connecting and giving back to her community. Ever since then, we have continued practicing our core value; the idea of giving with no expectation of reciprocation and making connections with those who believe in that same idea... we just so happened to make really good coffee too.

You can help us continue our story. With every serving of Red Thread sold, we donate 2 cents to a local charity to continue to give back and do good.  We use environmentally friendly packaging, sustainable farming, organic beans and we are Fair Trade, so we treat our growers with kindness and respect. 

So thank you for helping build our history and extending our threads to the planet and to as many people as possible.