Frequently Asked Questions


Where can your cold brew be purchased?

Connect your red thread and enjoy our delicious cold brew at these following retailers:

  • Stop & Shop

  • Giant Stores

  • Whole Foods - NYC

  • Fairway - NYC

  • The Fresh Market

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is all about how it is brewed. Coffee grounds are soaked in room temperature or cold water over a 12 to 24-hour brew time, which draws out the bitterness and acidity of the beans you would normally taste in regular brewed coffee. As the beans soak, antioxidants are released into the coffee as well, which you could also find in hot brew as well. Overall, cold brew results in a fuller, authentic tasting cup of coffee you can enjoy hot or cold.

What is the difference between Regular Coffee & Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee is brewed without heat. Traditional coffee is brewed for 5 minutes, resulting in a more acidic coffee.  Cold brew is brewed for 14-18 Hours, which results in a smoother and less bitter coffee.  In fact, cold brew coffee has 67% less acid then traditional coffee.

What is Single Origin?

Single origin refers to those hard to pronounce countries on our labels. We source our beans directly from one region and do not mix beans from different parts of the country for authentic regional taste. So when you drink our Medium Roast Nicaragua Segovia cold brew, you are tasting coffee beans and flavor from the Segovia region in Nicaragua and nowhere else.

Why so important? Regions of coffee beans dictate the flavors, which can be much different from other sections within the same country. The difference in temperature, climate, surrounding fauna and other various variables factor into the taste of the beans. All of our products are single origin, so you can taste the true original flavors of each region without any added sugar or artificial flavorings.

What are the benefits of a “Low Acidity” product?

  • Better tasting – much smoother

  • Gentle on your stomach

  • Better for your teeth

What is the acidity level in Red Thread’s Cold Brew

Ph level between 4.8-5.2 –  Considered “low acid”

What is the process for cold brew?

Ground coffee is steeped in cold water for at least 14-18 hours.

What products does Red Thread offer?

Red Thread has four ready-to-drink products currently on the market:

  • Sumatra Dark Roast

  • Nicaragua Medium Roast

  • Chocolate Almond Medium Roast (nut free)

  • Caramel Hazelnut Medium Roast (nut free)

What makes Red Thread different from other Cold Brews?

  • Organic: No pesticides, herbicides or other chemical substances are used; all farming is sustainable!  This creates a better tasting product that is better for your body.

  • Fair Trade: We ensure that the farmers we work with have been certified to provide fair wages and safe working conditions.

  • Single Origin: The beans we use to make our cold brew come from one single specific region and farm.  This guarantees higher quality and greater consistency. 

  • No Sugar:  Red Thread does not add any sugar to their products

  • Low calories:  Every product contains 5 calories or less per serving.

  • Philanthropic:  2 cents from every bottle sold gets donated to a local charity to help fight hunger.

Why the name “Red Thread?

According to a far Eastern legend, at birth each of us is connected by an invisible red thread to those people that we are destined to help in our lifetime.  Our three female founders have a passion for giving back (extending their threads) to both the farmers that grow our beans as well as their local community. 

Where did Red Thread start?

Red Thread was started by three women who lived in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons and developed an expertise for making cold brew coffee, but also had a passion for extending their threads and give back to their local community.  They combined their love of cold brew and their desire to give back by creating Red Thread Coffee, Co. Interestingly, they were making cold brew long before cold brew was trendy!