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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is all about how it is brewed. Coffee beans are soaked in room temperature or cold water over a 12 to 24-hour brew time, which draws out the bitterness and acidity of the beans you would normally taste in regular brewed coffee. As the beans soak, antioxidants are released into the coffee as well, which you could also find in hot brew as well. Overall, cold brew results in a fuller, authentic tasting cup of coffee you can enjoy hot or cold.

What is the difference between Ready to Drink Cold Brew vs Cold Brew Concentrate?

Ready to Drink Cold Brew has been diluted with water, which is 210mg of caffeine per bottle. Cold Brew Concentrate has not be diluted yet, hence it is “concentrated.” Just add hot or cold water to your concentrate to make your cup stronger or weaker depending on what you’d like - just do not drink the concentrate straight.

Can I drink Cold Brew hot?

Yes! With cold brew concentrate, just add an equal amount of hot water to concentrate for a hot cup of coffee. 4oz of Concentrate and 2oz of hot water makes the perfect cup of cold brew coffee!

What is Single Origin?

Single origin refers to those hard to pronounce countries on our labels and bags. We source our beans directly from one region and do not mix beans from different parts of the country for authentic regional taste. So when you drink our Medium Roast Nicaragua Segovia cold brew, you are tasting coffee beans and flavor from the Segovia region in Nicaragua and nowhere else.

Why so important? Regions of coffee beans dictate the flavors, which can be much different from other sections within the same country. The difference in temperature, climate, surrounding fauna and other various variables factor into the taste of the beans. All of our products are single origin, so you can taste the true original flavors of each region without any added sugar or artificial flavorings.


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