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Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Our exceptional cold brewed coffee concentrate not only tastes smoother and less acid than traditionally brewed coffee—it’s the next generation single serve: you can make coffee one glass, or one cup, at a time! No equipment. No waste. No mess. Less labor.

  • Toss out your coffee equipment, save space and electricity, and let Red Thread Good do the work for you.

  • Just add cold water and serve over ice for iced coffee. Or add boiling water or hot milk to make a steaming cup of hot coffee. Make it when you need it, and put it back in the fridge til you need it again.

  • Our unique blends and single origins are available in small batch cold brew concentrate, ready-to-drink 10 oz. bottles and in beans.

  • In the office, we provide a healthy alternative to the jolt from an energy drink or a diet soda; and it also tastes better!

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